The entire staff is super professional and answered all of my questions honestly. Amanda is the newest addition and her humor and levity was so appreciated for a surgery that REALLY isn’t bad (seriously) but feels much scarier mentally. Loved taking a post-op picture with Dr. Haverly with props!


I had laser eye surgery performed yesterday by Dr. Haverly and I could not be more pleased with my experience and the results. The women who prepped me were very friendly and informative and helped put my nerves at ease. The surgery itself was very fast and easy and Dr. Haverly walked me through step-by-step on what he was doing, which made the experience a lot more comforting. As for post-op, I personally felt no pain or discomfort in my eyes and now I see perfectly. I’m so happy I finally pulled the plug and got the surgery, and I would absolutely recommend Dr. Haverly!

Jean Vollentine

Everyone is very friendly and courteous. They tell you exactly what they are going to do. I have been seeing Dr Haverly for the past 9 Years from LASIK surgery to Cataract surgery. They have been fantastic.

Amber Stogner

Dr. Haverly and his team are wonderful. They truly do their best to provide you with all the information necessary and answer any and all questions. I was a little nervous at first, but they made me feel very comfortable and took great care of me. They also made all the steps leading up to and post-surgery very simple. I went in after work for the procedure and was able to return to work the next morning. I am very pleased with the results.

Matthew White

I can see things I didn’t know you were supposed to be able to see! Dr. Haverly was excellent and very patient with me. The procedure was painless and nearly instantly over, and suddenly I can see! I’m having the usual Lasik-dry-eye but it’s super well managed and the whole team has been really helpful. Best decision I’ve made in recent memory!