Your office is your headquarters and your home away from home, whether you choose to accept it as such or not. Most of us spend a bare minimum of forty hours a week in our ergonomically designed office chairs, staring at computers that have been placed at eye level and outfitted with keypads that help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.  With all this thought placed into correct workplace ergonomics, it’s surprising we aren’t more concerned with our vision at work.

If you’re a typical office worker, you spend close to your entire day pecking away on your keyboard gazing at your computer screen.  Virtually all of our day to day business is now conducted online or electronically, making the need for easily accessible and comfortable computer work increasingly important for us.

One of the biggest complaints daily computer users and office workers make is the effect that staring at a screen has on their eye health.  Even if their complaints range from headaches to neck and shoulder pain, the main culprit typically stems from vision.  The reason we have tired, strained eyes is due to blue light exposure.  The solution can be blue light glasses.

Is There Blue Light in My Office?

Chances are, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.  Blue light is light that is emitted from electronic devices and some LED light bulbs.  Devices that are blue light emitting culprits include computers, tablets, smart phones, and LED flat screen televisions and monitors.  All of these devices emit a considerable amount of blue light, which enters our eyes up to fifteen hours a day, depending on how much time we spend at the office and at home in front of devices and televisions.

If you think you might be suffering from blue light exposure, here are some tell-tale signs for which you can look:

  • Eye strain, pain, and fatigue. If you suffer from eyes that feel strained, tired, irritated, and even red, it may mean you are suffering from blue light exposure from your computer.
  • Neck and shoulder pain. If you feel tension and tightness in your neck and shoulders, chances are you are positioning your body in a way that you can move closer to your computer screen to see the onscreen text.  This position is usually not ergonomically sound, even if you’re seated in an ergonomically sound chair, and thus, you experience neck and shoulder pain which can sometimes radiate down to your back.
  • Blurred vision/lack of ability to focus. If you’re thinking it might be time for glasses, don’t be so sure.  While there’s a possibility you might need vision correcting lenses, another culprit could be blue light exposure.  Blue light scatters more quickly and is harder for our eyes to focus on, which can make us feel like our vision is blurry or even doubled at times.

What Can Prevent Blue Light Damage?

If you’re convinced by now that your nine to five might be harming your eye health, we’re with you.  Thankfully, there is a solution.  Blue light glasses are a type of eye-wear you can use while working on a blue light emitting device.  They consist of a frame with specialized, non-corrective lenses that effectively filter and scatter the blue light that attempts to enter our eyes while we work.

While the lenses of blue light glasses may appear tinted, they will not cause you to see in a different color nor will they affect your vision in any way other than filtering out harmful blue light.  Though blue light glasses are not vision correcting, they are available in vision correcting prescriptions so that users who need vision correction can also benefit from their ability to refract blue light.

When Can I Wear Blue Light Glasses?

You can wear blue light glasses safely whenever you are using a blue light emitting device.  Because you likely spend a great deal of time in front of a blue light emitting device in your office, using blue light readers in your office is extremely important.  Keeping a pair of blue light glasses at your desk will ensure they are available for you to use when you need them.  Many users prefer to keep a pair at home, at work, and in the car.  You can even wear your blue light glasses in the car, if blue light from the sun bothers your eyes as well.

Blue light glasses are safe and effective for use by people who spend much of their time working behind a computer screen.  Blue light is emitted from devices like LED television monitors, computer screens, and smart devices.  As such, our eyes are constantly bombarded with blue light, which can cause discomfort like eye strain, pain in the neck and shoulders, blurred vision, and tension headaches.  Using blue light glasses can eliminate these unwanted side effects and help you work safely and more efficiently.                       >> Source: 

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