What Is Spring Cleaning?

Traditionally speaking, spring cleaning is thought to have originated with Jewish Passover practices. For seven days prior to Passover, practitioners abstain from consuming all food products leavened with yeast, including crumbs. This custom requires a thorough house cleaning, from top to bottom. Since Passover falls in the spring, the birth of “spring cleaning” traditions began. In more modern times, it’s often an opportunity to give one’s house a full scrubbing after the long winter months.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Eye Health

If you decide to give your house a cleaning overhaul, be sure to follow these tips that also have eye health benefits.

Dates Are Important

Organize your medicine cabinet and throw away any expired products. These products can include old contact storage containers, saline solution, and other eye health products. However, do not flush any medications down the toilet, as it can contaminate water supplies. We recommend contacting your pharmacist or local law enforcement to inquire about recommended medication drop off locations.

Dust Everything

A thorough dusting of your home can help to prevent eye allergies and irritation. As you know, springtime is generally considered the worst time of year for seasonal allergies. We recommend changing out your furnace/air conditioning air filters, carefully dusting every surface, and resealing doors and windows to prevent what’s outside from coming in.

Donate Old Eyewear

Have you already had LASIK? Great! We’re so happy that you’re seeing clearer than clear. However, we’re guessing you probably have lots of old glasses and sunglasses around. Instead of throwing away the expensive frames, contact us to donate gently used glasses to those who cannot afford them.

Don’t Forget The Floors

Carpets and rugs are one of the biggest eye allergen offenders. They collect everything, including pollen, dust, and pet dander. Be sure to vacuum your floors frequently. As part of your spring cleaning efforts, you may also consider renting a carpet steam cleaner to handle a heavy duty scrubbing. Your eyes will thank you for it!

We’re loving the first signs of spring and are so ready for it. However, we’re happy to stay inside to help our patients with their complimentary LASIK consultations. Set yours up today.