Thinking you can’t afford LASIK? Think again! Chances are, if you are currently wearing corrective eyewear (ie glasses or contacts), you are spending far more than you’ve probably considered.
Remember, Blade-Free LASIK only has to be performed once*; glasses and contacts are an annual purchase. According to a 2013 market study, average annual costs of corrective lenses are as follows*:

Eye Exam: $100 – $200
Contact Lenses: $250 – $700
Contact Lens Supplies: $150 – $200
Glasses with Designer Frames: $500 – $1000
Backup Pair of Glasses: $100 – $200
Prescription Sunglasses: $500+
Total: $1600+

Many patients report that LASIK pays for itself in three years or fewer! We offer financing – 0% up to 2 years.  Schedule your free consultation today!

*Results may vary and pricing may vary